About us

We are part of a mexican business group, diversified in various sectors, such as hotels in cities like Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. We have an important commercial alliance with the german leading company developer of floating water parks worldwide. We seek for innovation, commited with ecology and the environment, that’s why an important part of our group is dedicated to recycling in the agro-industrial sector, cleaning our fields from the plastic waste used in the cultivation of food.

FLOAT FUN is a unique project focused in families, allowing people of any age to experience fun at the sea in a very different way. The concept of a water park on the sea, would be the equivalent of recreational places on the ground with interactive and dynamic games. We achieve the perfect formula … interactive fun on the water, which results in a different and unforgettable experience for each one of our visitors.

FLOAT FUN combines two elements that all people enjoy and will transport them to moments of infinite joy and fun: bouncers, which were at all children’s parties. It remind us of happy times, adding the water element that we all like to play with, especially the children. The pleasure of interacting with water through inflatables allows you to jump, move, and produce endorphins (the substance of happiness). Therefore: Bouncers + Water = FLOAT FUN ! Creating a space where kids and adults can experience the thrill of movement and water, allowing people of any age to remember the fun of  water games. Kids, parents and grandparents can experience this moment of family fun together. FLOAT FUN water park encourages and promotes the value of the family and the bond between different generations in a safe, fun and totally different environment.

It is a fact the family environments are needed to create healthy coexistence, and rescue the values ​​that unite us, places of fun for young people, for adults … for everyone! This is the MISSION of our park, this is what we want to offer visitors and residents of Cancun.

Our inflatables form the word CANCUN when are seen from above, inviting people not only to FLOAT FUN, but to have fun and enjoy CANCÚN, one of the most beautiful beaches in our country.

FLOAT FUN with its Tag Cancun is part of a collection of more than 1,000 installations in more than 75 countries with more than 12 million users (example: United Arab Emirates, United States, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, and many more countries ) all of them committed to the preservation of the environment.

What are you waiting for? Come to jump and play like a kid!