Heading to Cancun for Spring Break?

When it comes to spring break, there’s no place like Cancun Mexico. Just a short flight from many US airports, getting to a dreamly paradise for a week or maybe two? 😉

Cancun springs break will give you an escape from chilly April showers and days filled with a lot of adventures, nighlife with the best parties and of course, relaxation cuz’ everybody needs it right?

There’s no doubts that these Cancun spring break must’s wil make your week in Mexico the ultimate vacation, with plenty musts to do from sunrise to sunset.

Morning to Afternoon adventures…

Your days will be filled with adventures and things to do un Cancun.

The city is surrounded by beaches and has an average of 22 kilometers of fine white sand so, first of all, you need to take a little morning bicycle tour by the mesmerizing beaches. Trust me when i say that best dawns happens in Cancun.

After that, you may hit the sea with a snorkeling adventure through the wonderful reefs. However, it is advisable to look for an organized excursion to get the best experience and visit the most beautiful areas of the place, which are populated with an extensive marine life.

After these almost obligatory morning activities you’ll need a gastronomic stop with authentic Mexican dishes and fresh seafood. Now then you will be ready to live the most fun and different experience in Playa Langosta, which, incidentally, is one of the most privileged beaches in all of Cancun.

Three hours are enough to live one of the best adventures of your life in the largest floating water park in the world. FloatFun Cancun is challenging experience that is worth living with all your family and friends.  The tour of the park is not easy, it takes a lot of attitude and agility to complete it. However, if swimming is not your thing, the coaches will always be aware of you and your safety so, don’t be worry about that.

You must be wondering if the park is suitable for everyone, and the answer is yes. FloatFun adapts and sprinkles the funniest moments to children and adults. Growing does not mean stop having fun to the fullest!

Party The Night Away…

The favorite part of spring breakers arrived! Mexico is full of energy all year long but especially on spring break when people come to take a break from work and let their hair down. Cancun nightlife has something for everyone, from live music to the hottest DJs. As you walk through downtown with the other revelers dancing the night away, you’ll find a variety of the city spring break events where the energy is contagious and the air pulsing with music. If you ask for the best club we trully recomend Cocobongo, the shows are out of this world.  A couple Cancun spring break tips are to always take a taxi late at night and always go out with someone else. While the city is very friendly to tourists, you don’t want to get lost at night, especially if you’ve had a few drinks.

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