I jumped, laughed, fell and realized that Float Fun is not just for kids

We are used to follow a routine everyday, just going by, hanging around the same places, often out of fear of the unknown or comfort. However, when you decide to try something new, you could discover: things, moments, and activities that make you feel different. For a moment you forget about work, responsibilities, and without a notice, you have a big smile on your face.

Today I will tell you about my experience in Float Fun, since I finally gave myself the opportunity to visit and check if everything they say about the park it’s true… I have to admit it was great adventure.

You probably asking yourself, who is this mysterious character who visited Float Fun? …well the answer is very easy, I am the person in charge of answering all the messages on the social media, and of course of publishing amazing photos from our visitors… Being honest I haven’t always been the best swimmer, I was kind of scared about getting into the ocean, but when I saw the videos, photos and comments, I felt encouraged.

A week ago, I decided to get out of the routine and live the #LikeAKid experience. Took my swimsuit and water shoes into my backpack and headed to the park. It was a good profesional idea too, because how can I transmit to the feeling of the experience to our followers and friends?

From the moment I arrived to Playa Langosta (one of the best beaches in the Cancun’s Hotel Zone) the fun began. I greeted the guys in the sales booth, protected my phone and camera with a waterproof case, signed my responsive letter. Adjust my life jacket and walked in a slow but steady pace. Finally I could appreciate the inflatables from the seashore. Raúl and Berenice, part of the staff, were waiting for me to walk me to the inflatables, I knew they were going to take good care me.

After receiving the directions I went up to the park. I realized that keeping the balance is not easy and the waves made the task even more complicated. In the first minutes, boom! First fall.
I do not know about you, but whenever I fall, I can’t help but laugh at myself. Just at that moment I thought, “Game started.”

Many people believe that the park is exclusive for children, the hashtag #LikeAKid might sound like it. But the Float Fun concept goes beyond your age, the most important elements here are falling, jumping and laughing! A good resemble from life, where it’s all about overcoming obstacles, learning from our past experiences and learning to laugh through the process.

The truth, is that I felt like I was performing an extreme sport, maybe something similar to what I’ve seen in Reto 4 Elementos or Hexatlón on the TV.

I never thought that trying to climb an inflatable wall would be so complicated, but I saw it as a challenge and I felt very good when I managed to overcome it.

Then jumped from the top of the Action Tower, freeing myself and refreshing in the water of the sea. You’re reading right, I was swimming by myself in the ocean and it felt great!

Something to consider is that in fact, you will fall many times, but it’s up to you to get up and overcome the obstacles. I advice to let yourself go.

Another recommendation for the ladies, is best if you could wear shorts over the swimsuit, it will make you feel comfortable during the whole trip.

Back to my adventure, and sooner tan expected I realize that I made it to the top of the inflatables, the staff told me that my water shoes helped me to overcome obstacles, still I was feeling very special for completing my personal challenge.

To conclude, I want to tell you that this moment of my life in Float Fun was like therapy, I laughed like crazy, I did not mind falling several times and I had fun #LikeAKid.

I hope you give yourself a little time to do something different and tell me your story in Float Fun. Meanwhile, I will continue behind the screen ready to read all your adventures at Float Fun and prepare my return to the park.

Visit us Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm!

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