Top 3 most beautiful beaches in Cancun

Cancun is surrounded by the most white-sand gorgeous beaches in the world. That’s what basically all the tourists come to look for, so, to make sure you visit the best of this tropical paradise, read our guide to Cancun’s top beaches.

Playa Tortugas, Quintana Roo

The crystal-clear waters of Playa Tortugas honestly doesn’t need introduction. This beach has a direct connection to the Isla Mujeres ferry, which means this tiny beach can become very crowded, want to know why?

With softer currents than some of the other nearby spots, this beach is great for a calmer swimming environment, definitely a safety spot for family travels.

Puerto Morelos

This is perfect when the crowds and action of the spring break become a bit too much, here you´ll can have calmer pace day.

One of the most notable parts of this area is the closed-off piece of the Mesoamerican Coral Reef that is readily available for exploration from snorkelers and divers.

Playa Langosta

Playa Langosta is the perfect destination for the beach-goer who actually wants to dive into the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, we dare to say that it is the most beautiful beach in the whole country.

Also, offers the most adventurous  and fun activities for sports enthusiasts from all over the world. In fact, they house the largest and most impressive floating water park in the world named FloatFun, you really can not miss this.

Venturing to the eastern coast of Mexico without really exploring these sparkling waters and white-soft sands  is a crime.

Which of these wonderful beaches becomes in your next destination? Let us know in the comments!

Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Age limit: 6 years


Address: Blvd. Kukulkan, Playa Langosta No.122

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